Call us toll free: +1 800 789 50 12
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Call us toll free: +1 800 789 50 12
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Providing services
from Site Selection
through Construction

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Offering build-to-suit
'turnkey' communication
towers & facilities

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Maintaining style and character
to reduce visual impact

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Delivering continuous full
range site facility management
and maintenance services

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Focusing on quality,
value, and integrity

Horizon Tower, LLC

We pride ourselves on developing and operating the finest ‘turnkey’ communications towers in the west coast.

Our focus is driven by our client’s needs to deploy wireless facilities in difficult jurisdictional and environmental arenas.  As the demand for wireless service increases, the need for strategically placed tower infrastructure plays a significant role in our clients’ success.  It is with this focus, that Horizon Tower strives to fulfill its goal to continue to build and own the finest towers in the west coast to meet the burgeoning demand for wireless services.

We are a young and energetic group of dedicated professionals who enjoy the challenge of seeking the best wireless infrastructure solutions for our clients.