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Call us toll free: +1 800 789 50 12

Our Services

Site Development

Horizon Tower, LLC, as an operator and owner of wireless towers, (and other wireless related infrastructure), also offers adjunct services to support our tower business, including complete ‘turnkey site development’ services, as follows:

Site Selection/Site Acquisition/Leasing
Land Use Planning and Zoning Administration
     • Architectural & Engineering Services
     • Environmental & Regulatory Compliance
     • NEPA
     • SHPO
     • FAA/FCC Determination
     • E-911

Construction Management
     • Civil Construction
     • Permitting
     • Tower Erection
     • Equipment, Line & Antenna Install
     • Technical Services
     • Tower Maintenance

Utility and Telco Coordination
Telco Backhaul Services
Microwave design & installation
Microwave systems maintenance

Build to Suit Services/Sale Lease Back

built_suitHorizon Tower, LLC, as an operator and owner of wireless towers (and other wireless related infrastructure), also serves its clients through specialized Build to Suit (BTS) and Sale Lease-back service agreements and holds several forms of such arrangements with many of today's wireless providers, including: MetroPCS, T*Mobile USA, AT&T Wireless, LEAP, Intl., (Cricket), and others.

Given the capital preservation focus of many of our clients, and more importantly, the need to meet enhanced deployment timelines, BTS opportunities with Horizon Tower, allow for wireless carriers to move forward with more efficient deployment timelines resulting in shorter overall project life cycles.

As a strategic component of its BTS program, Horizon Tower has fostered key affiliations with several respected and reputable services companies in the wireless industry. Together, Horizon Tower and its partners and affiliates design customized development programs which create the opportunity to meet sensitive deployment timelines while minimizing carrier capital out lays.

Horizon Tower can become involved at any point during the acquisition or build process, depending on its clients’ needs. We have a seasoned development staff with substantial tower industry acumen in place. We can assimilate into any level of the development process both quickly and efficiently.

(For additional information regarding BTS opportunities, please contact John Kapulica (925) 314-1113 #241 or

Property/Rooftop Management Services –
Private Enterprise and Municipal Representation

Horizon Tower, LLC has partnered with both private and government entities to assist in the development of wireless infrastructure on our partner properties. Horizon Tower assists in identifying lease opportunities that bring additional revenue and enhance asset value to our partner properties. Horizon Tower will market the properties to wireless carriers, streamline a process to lease, entitle, and construct facilities. We operate in a manner that is transparent to our partners and strive for a clear and reliable understanding of the process from start to finish. Horizon Tower then manages and maintains the new site.